Our Accounting Team is an intricate part of our division.  They assist our staff with invoicing, purchasing, accounts payable, disbursement vouchers, travel arrangements, and division budgets. They are a front-facing unit to our campus partners and strive to quickly assist with all accounting needs.

For general accounting questions, please contact the team via email der_a-team@mail.colostate.edu. The team is located in our Aylesworth Office – 271 Aylesworth SW.

Mailing address:

CSU External Relations – Accounting
6025 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6025

Joe Rymski
Director, Web Communications | Budget Officer
E-mail: Joe.Rymski@colostate.edu | Phone: (970) 430-5757

Sarah Sypian
Accounting Technician
E-mail: Sarah.Sypian@ColoState.edu | Phone: (970) 491-7447

Nancy Baca
Accounting Technician
E-mail: Nancy.Baca@ColoState.edu | Phone: (970) 491-0643

Mark Cooper
Director of Accounting
E-mail: Mark.Cooper@ColoState.edu
Phone: (970) 491-2770